Secret Hitler Card Game Video

The Secret Hitler Card Game Video

Can you guess who the Secret Hitler is ???

The official release video for the Secret Hitler Card Game made by the co-creators and inventors Max Temkin, Tommy Maranges and Mike Boxleiter. This video is a phenominal introductions in the card game play and mechanics. The video was a recent addition during the successful campaign on kickstarter. It contains video footage from the 1932 era of Hitler, rise of Fascism and other great historical files. The board game portion and and playing cards are in the video along with the basic play.

Max Temkin
Max Temkin

Many know that Max Temkin was one of the inventors for the famous game “Cards Against Humanity.” After watching the video you will have a great understanding about the game play. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the promo youtube video for the Secret Hitler Card Game.