Secret Hitler Card Game: Updates

Secret Hitler Card Game Updates

A soon to be “Star is Born” with the Secret Hitler Card Game as the hottest game on the market. Everyone is excited and raving about the game. The creators did a fantastic job in the Kickstarter process and had enough information for people to make a real assessment and play to different versions of the Secret Hitler Card Game. It is both a card game and quasi board game. The game is the next level of social interaction games on steroids. Game methodology and play are fantastic in this game.

Secret Hitler Cards

The game play takes place in the 1932 period Germany and the national socialist parties rise to power. The play is a historical “mini play” of fascists governments sweeping across Europe. Some critics of the game feel it should not have the Hitler name as it is so negative and bad, however this is a sad fact of world history during the 1930”s. The game really demonstrates people the effects poverty can have on human nature.

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The art work on the Secret Hitler Card Game is truly amazing and old school. The pictures chosen for each character is hilarious and lends some humor to the fascist party. All of this together helps to set the conditions for the players. The game play starts with a group of gamer’s choosing blindly a roll as a fascist player or on of the “good guys” aka -The Liberals.

Secret Hitler Card Game Board1

The social interaction and deception found on the television show “Survivor” seem a lot like the Secret Hitler Card Game play. There are teams, alliance’s and then teams within teams. Players in this game will deceive each other and many times side with the wrong side in order to win the game. A large basis for the SH game is the Vote. You are not “voting people off the island” but you might be voting someone out of the game.

ja & nein Cards

Secret Hitler Card Game starts with 5 to 10 people whose roles are secretly chosen, or in the blind. There are liberals, fascist and one secret hitler.

Secret Hitler Player Card.jpg

The card game is the best Social Deduction and dynamics card game that I have ever seen played. I think this card game will top the market. The game play relies on the interactions of player pairs. Policy cards keep information close hold and secret to the identity of most players. The liberals and secret hitler are basically in the blind as to “who is who” and the identity of hitler. These policy cards let the fascist team cloak their game play an creates a dynamic of deception and deduction.

As Secret Hitler is played out, policies naturally cause the gamers to identify the specifics about others and serve as a small piece of the overall game. The result is a game that plays games within the game and so dynamic everyone has to be on guard. The Secret Hitler Card Game is hilarious to watch in action.

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