NEW Updates: for Secret Hitler Card Game

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Secret Hitler Card Game is finally here!!!

Secret Hitler Game, is the newest and best social deduction game, and will be on the on the market this fall. Expected release date is October on Amazon based on the reported production timeline and comments from the creators on Kick Starter. This game will truly provide you with hours of fun entertainment.

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The game was created by some of the greats in the gaming industry of late. Read the below posts for facts of the game.

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We received our backer games recently and these games are truly amazing. The boards are inlaid and the card art work is fantastic. The game is a piece of artwork. Black Box did the original shipment but as stated will be released on Amazon.


Secret Hitler is brilliant and brings the fascist 1930’s regime to life in a card game played by five to ten players. The game is so complex yet simple to understand and play. It creates connections within pairs of players. The game reminds me of “Survivor” and the concept of alliances.

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As part of the game “policy cards” are used as a method of keeping information hidden allowing the fascist team to hide their actions. This induces more deduction into the social game play.

I would encourage you all to visit the “Secret Hitler Game” site in the future for information about the game and Amazon release a links will be placed to purchase.

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