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Secret Hitler Card Game

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Fellow Gamers, Max has done it again with the closing of a successful Kickstarter Campaign, on December 23 the Kickstarter site recently closed the backing link on the Secret Hitler Card Game. After raising almost 1.4 Million dollars, the inventors of “Card Against Humanity” have produced a game that I believe will surpass almost any game on the market.

I saw the preview copy of the card game and have a set of rules I will share along with a short video. I personally backed the game after reading and watching Secret Hitler Game play.

The game was designed by the same group of people who brought “Cards Against Humanity”. Several serious board game critics have given the Secret Hitler Card Game extremely high ratings and is said to be one of the best card games created.

There has been some negative articles and reviews about “Secret Hitler” as a result of the use of the Hitler name. The game itself actually makes fun of Hitler and the fascist. It is clear when you see the art work on the playing cards. The game is set in the 1930’s Germany when the socialist party is coming into its own.

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A brief description to better understand the game: First it’s a social deduction game that requires at least five players and a maximum of ten players. Everyone gets a part of the action and game play; all together at the same time.


According to a Chicago reporter “the Secret Hitler card game is already a smashing hit” and the game wont be available to the general public for sale until around February to March.

As more information is released we will add information and updates on this blog. Please like our site and follow us. You will be able to check on the release and purchase. Enjoy the Secret Hitler Card Game!